Monday, October 4, 2010

Triple Crown: Hound's Ears Recap

Author: Christen

Well, Hound's Ears was an interesting weekend.

None of the three of us girls managed to register in time for the competition, so we were placed on a waiting list. Being the aggressive girls that we are, we decided to go ahead and drive to Boone (only 2 hours from Charlotte) and wait it out. So Friday, we all set up our tents and head down to the vendor area and realize one thing: we were cold. I mean, cold cold. Too cold to be social and hang out; all we wanted was to go sit by our fires. So, after introducing ourselves to all the reps from VooDoo, it was back to the campsite for us.

Strangely enough, the first day we were there, people kept recognizing us! People would walk up to us and  ask how our fundraising was going or they'd tell us a story about someone they knew with Cervical Cancer. It was nice to know that people remember us for our cause, not our bikinis!

Saturday morning, we all three agreed that instead of waiting around on the waiting list, that we'd just go boulder elsewhere. We hit up the King's Valley section of Grandmother Boulders (I love that place!) and then we checked out Blowing Rock Boulders too. I was disappointed in Blowing Rock... it was just one boulder. I suppose I've been spoiled by Rumbling Bald and it's 92341349072458 boulders, but that ONE wasn't really enough for me to want to drive 2 hours from Charlotte to visit it again.

Saturday night we stuck out the cold and socialized and had a little party around our campfire, and then left out early Sunday morning. Boli and I stopped in Boone to eat at a little hole in the wall restaurant and once again, we were recognized by some climbers eating at a table next to us. It's a phenomena that I don't think I'll ever fully get over.

Now we're gearing up and thinking about our next trip... Horse Pens 40 in Steele, AL! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Blog!

Author: Christen
The blog is a little easier for us to talk about what we've got going on and what it's like to be a Bikini Boulderer. Hopefully it will keep everyone informed and up to date on what's going on!